Bordeaux Wine revolution


While Bordeaux was recently elected as the world’s second destination to visit in 2016, and the world’s most trending city of 2017, the metropole is also getting talked about for its wine revolution.

As the world is shifting, initiatives are being implemented to offer new ways of consuming, to increase proximity with local wine producers and even more to reduce waste. Those millenials behing their game-changing ideas, possess a strong entrepreneurial mindset and are not afraid of breaking codes of the conservative wine industry.

Here are a few innovative concepts that recently emerged in the world’s capital of wine !


As a real desire to bring wine closer to the consumers, three former students of l’INSEEC, decided to create their very own concept of wine boutique. Onboard of an old renovated truck, the team will be travelling to selected premium events (festivals, pop up market, concert, cultural happenings) in the metropole and also around to share their best selection of wines. This truly nomadic wine bar aims at giving the same expertise of sommeliers and at same time showcasing local produce and delicatessen. Amongst their proposed services, they also wish to reach private events (seminars, weeding, after-work,etc..).


  • How about a last « GOOT« ?

Goot: this online buying platform brings you the best bottles of your local wine merchants to your doorstep in less than an hour ! For as little as 3,50€ the delivery, there is more behind than just getting your wine from A to B as the service is completely environmentally friendly. Once ordered through your smartphone, your wine will be collected from the selected merchant and brought to you by bike.


Bordeaux has long had a reputation as a town that takes itself very seriously – too seriously perhaps – but no more. The city of wine has become fun, lively and an award winning holiday destination. It’s a city that lives and breathes wine – from the towering new temple to world wine – the Cité du Vin – to tiny or gourmet restaurants dedicated to wine and food pairing – you’re never more than a step away from the Urban Wine Trail. You always get a large choice of wine tours departing from Bordeaux’s center to prestigious wineries’s tours & tastings in the nearby area: Médoc, Saint-Emilion-Pomerol-Fronsac, Entre-deux-Mers, Graves and Sauternes, Blaye and Bourg .The options are so diverse that everyone can have its very own unique experience of Bordeaux.: châteaux, accommodation in the vineyards, gastronomy, tasting and buying wine, art and heritage, events, wanders and leisure and wine tours


  • Consuming without wasting : a new approach

Bordeaux recently features its own mode of ecological consumption to reduce its mark on the environment and also to save the consumer money: the bulk system

There is one local shop called la recharge and other national franchise present in Bordeaux such as Day by Day , Biocoop, Jean la bouteille, etc…This innovative approach of local sources, offers a high quality, low cost product with a very low environmental footprint while increasing the purchasing power of the consumer at the same time. The stores are equipped with a liquid dispensers containing a variety of wines (rosé, while and red wine) as well as the cleaned bottles. The dirty bottles are then replaced by the new ones.

This gives customers the possibility to save money, reduce their waste and choose the quantity they’d like.

Bordeaux : the future Silicon Valley of wine ?

With the constant ressourceful environment of Bordeaux,  it is not hard to guess many innovative projects will rise and make a change within the next years. However, France’s obsession with tradition and could result in the bankruptcy and collapse of many wine actors who refuse to recognize the competitive nature of the global wine market. By 2020 the world of wine industry will have grown even more diverse. We can already see quality wines from unexpected places such as Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Mexico, China, Japan, Lebanon, Turkey and perhaps even India. We will also shop completely differently, the distribution will be revolutionized, and the wine web will go mainstream. But we strongly believe that even with all these new  factors, saturation point will not be reached, since Bordeaux has what it takes to be part of this (R)evolution and innovate with its distinctive French touch.



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